Word problems

Task number: 3865

In the following problems, first express the solution value as a coefficient for some power of \( x \) in a suitable product of polynomials.

Then try to calculate the appropriate coefficient.

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    The pastry shop sells three types of desserts – pinwheels, canapes and punch cakes. In how many ways can you buy 12 desserts so that at least two desserts are bought of each type but at most three canapes?

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    How many ways can 10 identical balloons be distributed between two boys and two girls so that each boy receives at least one balloon and each girl at least two?

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    The beekeeper asks the orchardist to plant 25 new trees, which he has only 4 species available. Orchardist’s wife refuses a walnut tree because it is large and occupies a lot of space. (In addition, everybody knows that walnut honey can’t be eaten :)) Apple trees are also against her taste, they already have too many. On the other hand, she loves infinitely cherry-plum jam, so she imposes harsh conditions – at most one walnut tree, not more than 10 apple trees, at least 6 cherry trees and at least 8 plum trees (slivovitz – an intensive motivation) or divorce. In how many ways can the orchardist salvage his matrimony? (I.e. in how many different ways he can choose the tree species?)

Difficulty level: Easy task (using definitions and simple reasoning)
Routine calculation training
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