Cycle in a k-connected graph

Task number: 3972

Prove that in every \( k \)-connected graph any \( k \) vertices lie on a common cycle.

  • Hint

    Proceed by a contradiction and assume the existence of paths according to Menger’s theorem.

  • Solution

    Let \( S \) be a given set and \( C \) be the cycle with as much as possible many vertices from \( S \).

    For a contradiction, assume the existence of \( v \in S \setminus C \). According to Menger’s theorem, there exist at least \( k \) disjoint paths between \( v \) and \( C \).

    The end vertices of these paths divide the cycle \( C \) into \( k \) sections. According to Dirichlet’s principle, at least one section does not contain any vertex of \( S \) inside, therefore, this section can be replaced by the respective two paths leading to \( v \).

    This gives a cycle with more vertices from \( S \) than \( C \), which is the desired contradiction.

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