Minimal spanning tree

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Determine the minimum spanning tree for the depicted graph:

weighted graph
  • Solution

    We sort the edges according to the weights in ascending order. We arrange the edges of the same weights arbitrarily, but this can lead to a different solution. One of the possible sequences starts with the edges \( (g, j) \) - 1, \( (g, k) \) - 2, \( (j, k) \) - 3 , \( (a, f) \) - 3,…

    According to this sequence, we select the edges into the spanning tree, provided that it does not create a cycle with the previously selected edges. Thus, the first edge that will not be selected into the spanning tree is the edge \( (j, k) \), because with the previously selected edges \( (g, j) \) and \( (g, k ) \) created a cycle on the vertices \( g, j, k \).

    Follow this procedure until the selected edges form a connected graph – a spanning tree.

  • Answer

    One of the two possible minimum spanning trees is marked in green in the picture:

    resulting spanning tree

    The alternative solution has the edge \( (i, j) \) instead of the edge \( (f, g) \).

    In both cases, the weight of the minimum spanning tree is 69.

Difficulty level: Easy task (using definitions and simple reasoning)
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